Everything about Mamaw Connie and Papaw Darby’s house was red. 

Deep and dark red wood-paneling on the walls of a living room that held tacky red shag-carpeting to match.

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I Want Hand Tattoos

I am not a member of the recently and completely made up coalition of Workers for a Tatted America.

I have tattoos. I have a quarter sleeve of a compass and anchor that is an homage to my grandmother coupled with a line from a J.R.R. Tolkien poem on my left shoulder and bicep.

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One of Those Days

There is a scene from a Justice League Unlimited episode where the Justice League was taking on a Lex Luther infused Braniac, and the only way the heroes could defeat the villain was for the Flash to run so fast he could barely be seen by Luther.

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I cheat sometimes.

Not on purpose. I cheat when necessity overcomes integrity.

Necessity: to fuel myself when there is a lack there of.

Necessity: to not offend or just when no one is looking.

Necessity: because someone is looking.

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