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The Next Pokemon Game Announced!

Credit: Nintendo

Credit: Nintendo

Ok. So more of like a 7 minute tease video without a lot of details or even a release date, but we did get some interesting insight from today’s Pokemon Direct that aired live on Nintendo’s Official YouTube.

GameFreak and Nintendo are back, but it’s not with the “Pokemon World” MMO/RPG diehard Pokemon fans were hoping for with Nintendo’s first actual attempt of a console based Pokemon title. (Yes, we know “Let’s Go! Eevee” and “Let’s Go! Pikachu” was on the Switch, but that was more of a Pokemon Go hybrid for casual gamers. Cool, but not what we wanted damnit.)

Looks like we aren’t getting what we wanted with the newly released “Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield” either. Though, it seems like the new entry to the series looks promising. Players get to explore the new Galar Region, which Director Shigeru Ohmori describes as “an expansive region with many environments containing idyllic countrysides and contemporary cities, vast pains, and craggy snow-covered mountains.”

Like with past iterations, we get to start our adventure with three new starter Pokemon. The Chimp Pokémon Grookey, the Rabbit Pokémon Scorbunny, and Water lizard Sobble, whose main types are Grass, Fire, and water respecitively, as is tradition.


Along with the the starters, Producer Junichi Masuda mentioned that like with other additions to the Pokemon series, new and never-before-seen Pokemon await us in the new game, although we didn’t get a glimpse of them in the teaser. The game is reportedly scheduled to release in late 2019.

Check out the video down below,