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The Shippiest Ships Of All Ships: CONFIRMED

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If you haven't had a chance to see the series finale of arguably the most influential cartoon in modern cartooning, then please kindly leave this article, and question why a 26 year old man is telling you go watch cartoons...

CartoonNetwork's Adventure Time aired its last episode this past Monday, Sept. 3rd, and our childhood (and some of our teenage-hood) withered away just like the character Fern...too soon? Get over it! There's bigger stuff to cry about than a homicidal weed that was once Finn's right arm! Stuff like...ships that have been confirmed! Princess BubbleGum and Marceline kissed during the final battle of the episode.

That's right, not only are the shippers incredibly excited to have their weird fetishes confirmed for once, but the scene in question is a giant step in the direction of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity in pop culture, and more importantly, children's programing.

By displaying diversity, especially diversity in the LGBTQ community, for younger minds, there is a hope that as they grow there won't be such ostracizing and hate toward a particular group of people. Not to mention, the benefits that can come about with having kids be comfortable with themselves as they are discovering who they are as well can be extremely helpful for their overall mental health.

Good job Pendelton Ward, CartoonNetwork, and the creators for leaving such a mark in cartooning. 

Youtuber Saltgay cut the clip. Check it out below,


Credit: CartoonNetwork and Saltgay