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Boruto Anime Currently Airing Filler Arcs

The dreaded filler arcs. Useless to the story and plot as whole, usually always terrible and a waste of time, and often leaves us not really excited for the next episode.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just came off a beautiful arc packed with solid animations, Naruto and Sauske kicking ass, and even showing strong development with the stage eye ability Boruto dealt with in the beginning of the series. We were left with even knowing where we are headed with the series since Momoshiki branding Boruto with a strange mark on his palm before disappearing into the "chakra-verse."

With all those goodies laid out for us, not to mention that the manga is considerable distance ahead of the point where we are currently, we are ready to accept the next story arc without slowing down. Unfortunately, that is the never the case with longer series', and of course we are in the thick of one now with the "ChoCho arc" that just wrapped its final episode last week. 

This we week we get, what will most likely be a 3-piece arc just like ChoCho's, Metal Lee's arc and how he overcomes some identity issue he is currently dealing with. The only modicum of worth these fillers have, in my opinion, is that we see the parents interacting with the new cast so it feels some what nostalgic, but at the same time, Boruto has a lot of friends. Nobody has time to let every friend get a 3 week arc...Just showcase the characters in storylines that are worth the episode!

Rant over..