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You’ve cracked the code, you were able to break into the metaphorical space that is my mind!

My Mind Palace, if you will…ok, you just clicked a button on my cover page. That’s not necessarily going to make you a hacker or master sleuth or anything, but I will say you have landed in a place where some cool stuff can be found. Basically, this is where you can find my thoughts on breaking news in the nerd world, reviews of books, comics, movies, and my adventures as I consume new content and hope to be inspired.

This is also a great place to see and read what I call, “My Ramblings.” A blog dedicated to my work as a writer and where I test ideas for short stories, new scripts, flash work, and perhaps you might even see some teases of upcoming projects during my process toward publication!

So please, if you all think you are still the master sleuths that I know you all are, click a button below. Thanks!